Baby Keem’s Artful ’16’ Video Is Both Eerie And Mundane

If you haven’t been keeping up with Baby Keem, now’s the time to start. The young rapper was part of Kendrick Lamar’s launch of PgLang, Lamar’s own company and a departure from Top Dawg Entertainment. Kendrick’s next album will be his last on TDE, and it looks like he’ll be releasing his own music after that via Pglang. So far, Baby Keem has been one of the other exemplary artists involved with the label, and the fact that he’s Kendrick’s cousin hasn’t hurt his profile any. Today the rising rapper has released a new music video today, called “16.”

Keem is older than 16, though not by much, and the 21-year-old LA rapper is focused on his love life in the artful clip. Directed by Jonas Lindstroem, the stark visual runs through different locations, following Keem and the object of his affection through backdrops both eerie and mundane. Keem’s debut album, The Melodic Blue, dropped last fall, and his subsequent tour was a solid showing, too. It’s not clear if “16” is the beginning of a new album cycle for Keem, but if it is, this is definitely a great start. Check out the video above and keep an ear out for more new music coming from Keem this year.