Kendrick Lamar Launches ‘PgLang,’ Which Appears To Be A Media Company, With Dave Free

Although he’s one of the biggest stars in hip-hop, Kendrick Lamar has also developed a reputation for moving in silence and keeping a shroud of mystery over all his work these days. In keeping with that status, K Dot has revealed his latest project — but without revealing just what it is or does. It’s called PgLang and from all appearances, it’s a for-hire multimedia company. According to Ambrosia For Heads’ (RIP) Justin Hunte, it’s not a record label, movie studio, or publishing house — which means it’s probably all those things at once.

The announcement was accompanied by a visual trailer featuring some surreal imagery, a banging beat, and a pair of eyeballs engaged in a fistfight, as well as a short film featuring rapper Baby Keem, singer Jorja Smith, and actor Yara Shahidi. Kendrick’s tweet featuring the video also led to a website with a funky, half-redacted mission statement that clears when it’s clicked, but only momentarily. Rather than making you go through all the trouble, check it out in its unredacted form below.


The video was also shared by some of Kendrick’s fellow music stars, setting off speculation about just what else Kendrick may have in store with them. Canadian singer Jorja Smith and emerging Las Vegas rapper Baby Keem posted the video as well, sparking a trending topic of the latter’s name on Twitter as fans wondered whether Keem and Kendrick had new music in the works. At present, Keem’s calling card and biggest hit is “Orange Soda,” but that may very well change with the backing of Compton’s favorite son.

Watch the trailer for PgLang above and check out the website here.