Baby Tate Battles It Out In A Dark, Deserted Warehouse For Her ‘Dancing Queen’ Video

Baby Tate has been slowly but steadily rising, and her latest single “Dancing Queen” is another brick in that wall. No, it’s not an Abba cover or reference, for those who might be wondering, this is a different kind of dancing. Tate and her crew make their way into a dark, deserted warehouse, where they have lots of room for gravity-defying moves and Tate’s unstoppable flow. The Harlem Shake gets brought up, but mostly Tate and her crew are happy to engage in regionless moves that run the gamut from ballet to twerking, to everything in between. There’s also a bit of drama between dance crews that’s played out in the end of the clip, so make sure to watch until the end to get your fill of rap skit vibes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an ominous rap video if there wasn’t also a kidnapping involved, and a run-in with the police, who are completely floored by what they walk into in this warehouse. Check out that clip up top, and if you’re looking for more from Tate, check out her recent appearance on Uproxx Sessions, where she performs her “S.H.O.” track, an explicit song that you just might want to get your headphones out to listen to — it’s that raunchy.