Charlie Puth Is Ready To Show You Who He Is On The Voicenotes Tour

Charlie Puth is a perfectionist, though he wouldn’t call himself that — his motivation and drive for success have been part of the way he is since he first started performing. This summer, Puth is embarking on his first major headlining tour, playing venues of 12,000 seats or more across North America and Asia for Honda Civic’s annual tour series.

With the size and scope of this tour, Puth is excited to show fans who he really is as a musician. Puth has always used music as a way to connect with people he cares about. His first-ever live performance was at Birdland, a small club in New York, and Puth was initially nervous to perform, but eager to make his family in the audience proud.

“I just really wanted to impress my dad,” Puth said. “I know that sounds kind of corny.”

Puth’s biggest confidence boost came from the outpouring of encouragement he received from fans of his music when he was just starting out on Youtube. The 47x-platinum artist has only gained momentum since then, and he’s eager to prove himself, and perform in front of new and old fans alike on the Voicenotes Tour. The tour is an opportunity to give back to his fans, and to let his fans inspire his growth as an artist.

“Fans push me, and hopefully I can inspire them too.”

Check out the video above to get a peek backstage, and hear Charlie Puth and his tour crew talk about his tour prep.