Kyle Let Go Of The Facade And Found His Voice In The Process

Kyle never questioned whether he’d be able to create a booming rap career for himself. The Ventura, California-based rapper, born Kyle Harvey, has been gaining traction since dropping the knockout hit “iSpy” (featuring Lil Yachty) in 2016. But he’s been working toward his goal since childhood, churning out songs in his makeshift living room studio before persuading his dad to take him to record in real ones. It’s the kind of support that has always been there for the young star, but finding a way to the studio and finding one’s own voice are two different things.

In the early MySpace days of Kyle’s career, most of his music was an attempt to emulate other rappers he listened to. With age comes experience, though, and with new experiences come new emotions. Kyle learned how to use music as a stabilizer in the thick of extreme highs and lows, finding his way in the process.

“I just kind of let the whole façade go,” Kyle says. “That’s when I became raw… is when I stopped trying to be raw.”

Social media has played a massive role in expanding Kyle’s vision and making his name known. At first, Facebook was the main catalyst for him to build a fanbase within his hometown, and now he’s climbing the charts and touring all over to crowds of fixated fans. It’s the manifestation of hundreds of hours of work and an admirable dedication to the hustle.

Watch the video above to get a closer look at Kyle’s story and hear what he has to say about staying limitless.