Backstreet’s Back Doing Another Fan-Friendly Cruise (Alright)

The surprisingly durable boy/man band pop colossus that is the Backstreet Boys are once again offering to take fans on a seafaring adventure. Welcome to the era where Bop subscriber fantasies continue to come true! (For a market-standard fee.)

BSB revealed plans today for the pop outfit’s sixth annual Backstreet Boys cruise which is exactly what you imagine it is aside from the part where the “Larger Than Life” spaceship picks you up and Kevin listens to your poetry. The freshly announced cruise will take fans from Miami to Grand Turk on a May 2018 jaunt that includes concerts, assorted events and a group photo with the Backstreet Boys. If you’ve ever wanted to hang out with Howie on a ship, the opportunity can be yours for prices ranging from $699 to a shade under $10K.

“Every year we have the best time on these cruises,” shared Nick Carter in a statement trumpeting the cruise news. “Being able to spend quality time with our fans, making these four days all about BSB without the limitations of a single performance. This is just another way for us to say thank you to our fans, and everyone ends up having an unforgettable time!”

A tidy lil’ video accompanies the announcement complete with the group looking cheery and everyone having a good time. At the moment, Backstreet Boys are doing the Vegas residency thing in Las Vegas and that seems to be panning out hunky dory. Maybe we’ll get an NKOTB-style reality series out of next year’s cruise. Fingers crossed.