The Backstreet Boys Cruise Looks Like A Great Way To Travel Back To 1995

Despite the fact that they should have been relegated to appearances on celebrity reality shows like Help I’m a Celebrity Cooking with Guy Fieri and Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin vs. Octomom, the Backstreet Boys had a pretty huge pop culture resurgence in 2013. For starters, they celebrated their 20th anniversary with a new album and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then they made it to heaven in the final scene of This is the End, and they even continued their edition of the most ridiculous fad in the music business with their own cruise. Apparently the 2013 Backstreet Boys Cruise was such a success that it warranted a fourth voyage on the Carnival Ecstasy.

For as little as $999 per person (more like “Shape of My Wallet,” am I right?), you can spend October 24-27 on the high seas and partying in Half Moon Cay with all five of the Backstreet Boys, and if you don’t think that guys in their mid- to late-30s and early 40s know how to party like real rock stars, then you just don’t know the Backstreet Boys anymore. To remind us that they’ve still got it, the BSB released this highlight video of last year’s cruise, and let’s just say that they are down to par-tay.

Backstreet Boys 2014 Cruise from ground(ctrl) on Vimeo.

Obviously, this kind of cruise is primarily meant for the female fans out there, but if you’re a guy who happens to love the Backstreet Boys as well, you’ll probably want to leave your “Blow Me” shirt at home, because it’ll just be awkward when you’re wearing the same thing as AJ. He’s the crazy one!