Beach Fossils Share Two Dreamy New Songs, Including A Duet With Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell

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Beach Fossils are hyping the hell out of their first album in four years. The group’s upcoming album Somersault is being preceded by an onslaught of dreamy and wistful singles. Today, they shared two tracks from the album, one of which is a duet with Rachel Goswell of recently reunited indie titans Slowdive. That track — “Tangerine” — starts as with an upbeat drumbeat and a bit of off-kilter, nervous guitar that sounds a bit like taking a big bite of something citrus-y. Then Goswell and Dustin Payseur come in with downtrodden vocals that remind us that any orange-adjacent fruits we might find are going to of the less-than-stellar, out-of-season variety.

Luckily, we can that disappointment off with “Social Jetlag,” a track that features sampled audio of city streets to bring in the idea of casually walking the block. The cityscape sounds are even stranger when you consider that Beach Fossils actively left their home base of New York City to make their new album.

“I always thought it was stupid when people were like, ‘Oh I want to get out of the city and get in the creative headspace.’ I always thought that was a cop out. You can’t be creative wherever you are? That doesn’t make sense,” Payseur said in an interview with Uproxx, of his mindstate before the band went on a retreat to make Somersault. “We were writing something totally different. We were the only people that we had contact with for two weeks, and there was absolutely nothing to do except just work on music, so it just brought us to the right state of mind.”

Whatever being upstate did for them, it’s clearly working. Check out the two new singles up top and grab Somersault when it drops on June 2 via Bayonet Records.

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