Beach Fossils Get Out Of Their Comfort Zone With Incredible Results On ‘Somersault’

04.05.17 2 years ago

Despite frontman Dustin Payseur’s reservations, it took getting out of New York City for Beach Fossils to make a new record. “I always thought it was stupid when people were like, ‘Oh I want to get out of the city and get in the creative headspace.’ I always thought that was a cop out. You can’t be creative wherever you are? That doesn’t make sense,” he told me over the phone. But once the band got up to their manager’s cabin in upstate New York, a switch was flipped. “We were writing something totally different,” he explained. “We were the only people that we had contact with for two weeks, and there was absolutely nothing to do except just work on music, so it just brought us to the right state of mind.”

It’s been more than four years since Beach Fossils last released music with 2013’s incredible, dreamy Clash The Truth. In their extended period of absence, Payseur formed his own record label and the band landed a starring role playing a proto-punk band fronted by Mick Jagger’s son in the first and only season of Vinyl, the weird period piece about the record industry in 1970’s New York City (which I actually really liked). In early March, they finally returned to music with the announcement of their third LP Somersault, and the release of its first single, “This Year.”

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