Benny The Butcher Updates Biggie’s Instructional Classic On ’10 More Commandments’ With Diddy

Although both rose to prominence decades apart, Griselda rapper Benny The Butcher and The Notorious B.I.G. have plenty in common. Both men rap with a gritty, underground-approved delivery about life in the streets, yet have risen to mainstream prominence on the strengths of their talents and connections. Both made their money via shall we say “alternative means” before finding success in the rap game. And now, both have parlayed their hard-won experience into instructional songs about the commandments of the illicit drug trade.

Building on the ground rules established by Biggie’s Life After Death standout “10 Crack Commandments,” Benny linked up with the late rapper’s number-one benefactor Diddy to offer “10 More Commandments” from Benny’s newly released project, Tana Talk 4. Produced by Griselda’s go-to beatsmith Daringer, “10 More Commandments” finds Benny counting down from number 20 this time around, dishing more advice that, while being far less pithy than Big’s, is no less useful to the aspiring kingpins who might be listening. Some examples:

  • Count the money
  • Test the work before you buy it
  • Only buy sh*t that can be sold
  • No social media postin’
  • The most important one: The first chance you get, you better get out this sh*t

Man’s got a point.

Watch the “10 More Commandments” video above. Tana Talk 4 is out now via Griselda Records / EMPIRE. Stream it here.