A Photo Of Young Beyoncé Has Fans Fawning Over Her Resemblance To Blue Ivy

Look, it should come as no surprise that kids look like their parents but that isn’t stopping Beyoncé from fawning over her resemblance to her daughter Blue Ivy in a newly resurfaced photo from her youth. Purporting to be from 1990, the photo shows a young Beyoncé getting her hair braided at a Houston beauty salon, but the angle, lighting, and yes, genetics do make her look almost exactly like her 10-year-old daughter. Funnily enough, fans also noticed that the hairdresser bears a sharp resemblance to Beyoncé’s protege, Chloe Bailey, causing both names to trend on Twitter.

So, what’s Beyoncé actually up to lately? Well, she dropped her long-awaited comeback album Renaissance back in August, although a perceived lack of music videos from the project obviously has her fans hungry for more content. Meanwhile, Blue has been experiencing the highs and lows of being a celebrity pre-teen; although she gets to do things like casually bid $80,000 on items at charity auctions, it seems she still gets just as embarrassed by her parents as any kid, even when she’s sitting courtside at the NBA Finals and her parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And hey, just for the record, Chlöe seems to be doing just fine, too, recently sharing the latest single from her upcoming debut album, “For The Night” featuring Latto, and enjoying coming into her sex appeal on her own terms.