A Bizarre ‘Donda’ Theory Has Emerged, And People Have Plenty Of Thoughts About It

It’s still clear when Kanye West’s tenth album Donda will arrive. It was first announced last summer, and though Kanye played new music, presumably from it, during a July listening session in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it still hasn’t been released. At this point, all fans can do is fantasize about what it is. That’s what one person, who unveiled a bizarre theory about Kanye’s tenth album, did.

The fan shared their thoughts on the project to a subreddit page under the title “[Theory] Kanye Wants To Make The First Official Unreleased Album.” The user believes Kanye’s “concept with donda is an album that has materialized itself into existence without being officially released.” They add that the songs on Donda will play on the radio, the album will be reviewed as the rapper “wants everyone to pretend and act like it’s out” — but no one will ever be able to buy it.

To conclude, they point to the mask Kanye has worn over the past month to promote Donda as well as the fact that the album currently has a completely black cover art to argue that the project is “an album you can’t see.” They added, “It doesn’t seem real. but the music exists. the experience exists. and it will be talked about for generations to come.”
Truthfully, this sounds similar to what releasing Donda as an NFT would feel like. But people will just have to keep waiting.

You can read the full theory above and check out what some fans had to say about it below.