Bow Wow Gets Roasted On Instagram — Again — For Thirsting After Iggy Azalea On Instagram

Iggy Azalea is a beautiful woman who posts photos of herself on Instagram all the time, but it looks like some men in the hip-hop world can’t handle themselves when it comes to interacting with these pics. After posting a video of herself posing in a skintight outfight from various angles, DJ Akademiks re-posted the video to his own account with the caption, “…showing off them cheeks. KEEP IT TRILL. Is her music career dead or na?” He received one response in the affirmative from an unexpected source: Bow Wow. “I swear id eat her ?? NO PROBLEM! Idgaf ?,” he wrote.

Bow Wow knows how people see his public behavior online, yet he continually gets himself into predicates where he’s being mocked by his peers for unseemly behavior. He keeps getting roasted for being awkward online, like the time he faked a fan stampede that no one bought. He addressed that situation too, so we know he understands that whenever he does something goofy online, he’s going to catch jokes.

So it should come as no surprise whatsoever that the comments in DJ Akademiks’ Iggy post lit up with insults directed at the former child star. Some users even evoked the last time his internet shenanigans got him flamed on Instagram: “@shadmoss Boy if you don’t get your ass back on your fake private jet,” one commenter wrote.

This too shall pass. Eventually everyone will get bored and find a new target. At which point, it would probably help Bow Wow to take a long, well-deserved social media break.