Cam’ron And Mase Went In On Jordan Poole Over A Rumor He Spent Over $500K On A Date With Ice Spice, Calling Him A ‘Munch’ And More

Whoever had the idea to give Cam’ron and Mase a sports talk show deserves a massive raise, but they also have a problem on their hands. On one hand, the show works because of the hosts’ tendencies to spiral into chaotic side discussions that make use of their charismatic, Harlem-bred personalities. On the other, sometimes they need to be reined in to keep them from veering into problematic territory — but doing so would stifle their capacity for creating viral moments like this one.

Make no mistake; this is very borderline problematic. In the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Cam basically blames Jordan Poole’s poor performance in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs on a woman, Ice Spice — specifically, on Jordan Poole supposedly spending half a million dollars taking Ice Spice out (how?!???). But then, Mase calls Jordan Poole a “Munch” (from Ice’s breakout single and also the unofficial nickname for her loyal fans) and the whole thing becomes very funny.

“You’re a Munch, and you’re playing like a f*ckin’ Munch!” Cam declares. “This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the f*ck out.” Cam explains why he’s so mad at Poole; after having the streaky shooter’s back for years, he feels let down by Poole’s questionable decision-making throughout the playoffs. However, there’s no evidence that Poole even knows Isis (Ice Spice’s real name), and the rumors come from notoriously unreliable gossip sites like Media Takeout.

Also, for what it’s worth,