Ice Spice Feels Like She’s Started A ‘New Lane’ In Music Because She’s ‘So Different’ From Other Artists

Ice Spice has graced the cover of Paper Magazine with a powerful photoshoot and an even more intriguing interview into how the “Bikini Bottom” breakout star feels about her sudden career rise. Specifically, she feels that rather than fitting into a lane, she is making her own path and sound.

“I don’t know if I fit in,” she explained. “I think that’s what makes me so different. I feel like it’s a new lane that I’ve started, and I’m starting to hear a lot of other artists sound like they belong in my lane now.”

This power also came from experiencing the world around her. “New York raised me,” Ice Spice added. “I’ve been knew this, been around men, had to pass men in the streets, had to take the train with men. So coming into the industry, it’s not just like, ‘Whoa, there’s men here?’ It’s like, ‘Okay, that’s the world.’”

“So real shortly after that, that’s when I started to realize my fame was picking up and people was constantly coming up to me. I started to know gradually,” she told Paper. “It’s not like one day, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m famous.’ At some point, any time you step out the car, instantly people know you, instantly screaming your name.”

View some photos from Ice Spice’s photoshoot above.