Cardi B Blasts ‘The Shade Room’ And Accuses Them Of ‘Gaslighting’ Her And Only Posting ‘Negative Content’

A number of artists have shared their displeasure about The Shade Room and similar social media platforms over the years, and on Sunday night, Cardi B became the latest person to do so. It all went started when The Shade Room shared a birthday post on Instagram for Cardi’s 4-year-old daughter Kulture. Cardi then asked them to delete the post, reaching out through private messages on both Instagram and Twitter, but when her requests were seemingly ignored, she took to Twitter to air out her grievances.

“Cause my thing is …okay you only post negative content bout me ,cool no biggie. got me blocked from commenting on their page ok cool,” Cardi wrote in a tweet. “But please don’t post my child on yall funny ish …I don’t want to be [my] old self but just leave me alone.”

The Shade Room responded with screenshots of past positive posts they’ve done about Cardi and wrote, “Whats the phone number of the lawyer you used in your defamation case because we tryna see something,” adding, “is this the ‘only negative’ content you are referring to?”

Cardi replied with a series of video messages that further explained her ill feelings about The Shade Room.

“I DM’d you guys but, of course, you guys ignore me, and that’s why I had to take it publicly,” she said. “Clearly, you guys have me muted from commenting on your page. That’s why when I comment, nobody can see my comment and I actually have screenshots of it, and that’s why I posted it.”

She continued, “So now you guys want to gaslight me. And if you guys are not doing shady sh*t on purpose, why mute me from commenting? Then you guys post certain things positive about me so y’all can continuously post negative things about me that you don’t do to other artists.”

Cardi even went as far as to provide another example of The Shade Room’s alleged wrongdoings.

“Example: the thing with Lil Kim with the Lip Service,” she said. “You guys literally edited the video and posted things that sounded kinda funny so people could drag me… Also, you guys post funny things when it comes to my music releases, you guys ignore completely when I do really good performing — anything that’s positive about me.”

The Shade Room claimed that they could not post certain positive things about Cardi, like her recent performance at the 2022 Wireless Festival, because they “have to get permission from owners to post videos to our page.” Cardi wasn’t buying their reasoning as she replied, “Wait how can u say that ,when have you ever ask me to ever post anything about me ?& if that’s true you got my publicist # why not ask her sh*t why not ask me on Dm? Like this arguments are so stupid!The gaslighting it’s insane.”

Cardi and The Shade Room continued to go back and forth through additional tweets, but the two sides appeared to settle their differences as The Shade Room revealed in a tweet.

“Just spoke to @iamcardib and we were able to come to a resolution,” they wrote. “We’re putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully. What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good.”

You can view screenshots and recordings of the posts and videos from Cardi’s back and forth with The Shade Room above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.