Cardi B Will Make For One Adorable Fish In Her Guest-Starring Role On ‘Baby Shark’s Big Show’

Anyone raising small kids — or who has been in their immediate vicinity in the last five years — knows (and is likely sick to death) of South Korean entertainment company Pinkfong’s near-ubiquitous and insanely popular version of the song “Baby Shark.” Originally a campfire song inspired by Jaws (the ’80s were a weird time, man), the Pinkfong version has become one of the most-played videos on YouTube (10 billion views and counting, as of this January) and was spun off into a Nick Jr. animated series, Baby Shark’s Big Show!

As a mom herself, Cardi B has likely contributed .01 percent of those view totals herself (that’s a million, folks) but being Cardi B, she’s found a way to turn what may have been a frustrating parental imperative into a potentially lucrative opportunity: Billboard reports the “Up” rapper will guest star on Baby Shark’s Big Show! alongside her husband Offset and three-year-old Kulture. Cardi will portray an animated version of herself called Sharki B, while Offset will be Offshark, and she’ll perform a new song called “The Seaweed Sway.”

Cardi is actually a big fan of “Baby Shark,” as you can see from the video she posted back in 2019, while she also tweeted that Kulture is a big fan of the “whole Baby Shark mixtape.” While this is almost certainly a dream come true for Kulture, Cardi’s beef with Peppa Pig remains unresolved. Maybe she can turn that into a guest-starring role too.

Cardi’s guest-starring episode of Baby Shark’s Big Show! will air 04/15 on Nickelodeon/Nick Jr.