Cardi B Clearly Loved A Gospel Version Of One Of Her Hits From Chlöe’s New Movie ‘Praise This’

As Chlöe’s debut solo album In Pieces finds its way onto the Billboard charts, the rising star’s new movie Praise This is now streaming on Peacock. The movie, which follows a gospel praise team as they enter a national competition, features a number of gospel covers of pop and R&B hits, including a cleaned-up version of Cardi B’s 2018 hit “Money” by contemporary Christian singer Koryn Hawthorne.

Where Cardi’s original version celebrates getting “Money,” Hawthorne adds religious messaging but keeps the spirited flow that took the original all the way to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hawthorne celebrated the film’s release with a tweet capturing Cardi’s reaction to hearing the remix in the studio. In the video, Cardi can be seen beaming from ear to ear as she throws her hands and sings along to the revamped lyrics.

Praise This is getting a more uniformly positive reception from fans than In Pieces did; it’s likely that the gospel-centric film resonates more strongly with the tastes of many of Chlöe’s earliest supporters. (Chlöe made her film debut in her mentor Beyoncé’s similarly gospel-inspired film Fighting Temptations, and that first impression has clearly stuck with fans who aren’t feeling the young singer’s shift to a more mainstream sound.)

Chlöe addressed that criticism recently on her hometown radio, positing that her loudest critics actually weren’t around for her and her sister Halle’s humble beginnings. The truth is, many artists often face harsh criticisms as they grow creatively, and if anything, it’s a sign that people are truly invested. That’s a good sign for Chlöe’s burgeoning career, as it means no matter what direction she decides to pursue, she’s at least guaranteed a captive audience.

Praise This is out now on Peacock. In Pieces is also out now via Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Find more information here.