Chlöe Dismissed Criticism Over Collaborating With Chris Brown On Her New Album ‘In Pieces’

Chlöe’s new album In Pieces mostly generated excitement among fans, but there was some backlash as well, over the Chris Brown-featuring song “How Does It Feel.” Now, Chlöe has spoken up about the collaboration.

She was asked about it in a recent interview with V-103 Atlanta’s The Big Tigger Morning Show (as Stereogum notes). She said:

“I always just wanna let the music speak for itself, and to be honest, no matter what I do, people always find things to say about it, so I’m used to it. I just choose to ignore it. People have every right to their opinions, freedom of speech, and it’s up to me to choose what I give my attention and energy to.”

In another recent interview, she also addressed negativity, saying, “The thing is, the same people who say that weren’t fans of Halle and [me] when we had our Ungodly Hour album out, The Kids Are Alright. So, it’s a bunch of people who are just putting in their two cents now just to really say things. Sis and I, we’ve been underground for a minute and the same people who talk weren’t around then or giving us our props then, and it’s like now they want to talk trash for some reason.”