Cardi B Calls Out ‘Nerds’ For Fronting With A ‘Mean Girl Persona’ On Social Media

Cardi B isn’t one to mince words. So, it’s clear that she can easily see through anyone’s BS. Cardi isn’t here for anyone’s fake persona in real life or online, and she had some choice words for some people who had been hating on her.

Yesterday (April 28), the “Up” rapper took to Twitter to express disdain for people who take on a different personality for the sake of their online presence.

“That mean girl persona y’all put on for the internet don’t fool me,” she said. “I can tell y’all were NERDS in high school.”

Though Cardi didn’t tag anyone in particular, she responded to a fan, who said that these people must’ve been “lonely asf at the lunch table.”

Cardi doubled down, saying, “it just be so cringe watching kids, grown woman/Men be on some nasty stank ish on the internet when you was getting your face smushed In the hallway …MIRRORING the exact same people you use to HATE!”

This series of tweets comes just a few days after Cardi voiced her support for a young woman who shared a video of herself taking selfies at a baseball game, while being mocked by fans in the rows behind her.

“I would of put that ring to use,” she said.

It’s clear that Cardi isn’t here for bullies of any kind.

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