Cardi B’s Mom Hacks Include Tips For Not Scratching Your Baby With Giant Nails And Booger Picking

Cardi B is giving new parents some serious tips and tricks to the game that help her make it through the day, as she promotes a new partnership with Walmart.

“Welcome to motherhood. It’s hard, but we got you,” Cardi says, making sure to throw in some jokes about the purpose of her typically long nails. “Square off your pointy nails so you don’t scratch your baby. I might keep my pinky nail pointy though, so I can take out my baby’s boogers.”

“Let them sleep with lots of binkies, so if they lose their main one, they can find another,” she adds. “Gently bouncing on a yoga ball will soothe a fussy baby, and you’re working your abs.”

Cardi has two kids with Offset: her daughter, Kulture, who was born in 2018, and a son, Wave, who they welcomed in the fall of 2021. Since then, she’s accepted more child-focused gigs, including the couple making a guest appearance on Baby Shark’s Big Show last year.

Fans in the replies were also quick to throw in some mom jokes to amplify their love for Cardi B — and how she’s getting paychecks through advertisements. “One think about mother, she’s always booked and busy!” one person wrote.

Check out Cardi B’s full video of parenting advice above. Continue scrolling for some additional hilarious replies.

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