Cardi B, Offset, And Kulture’s ‘Baby Shark’ Characters Will Return In ‘Baby Shark’s Big Movie’

I hope you’re not tired of doing the “Seaweed Sway” yet, because Baby Shark’s Big Movie is coming to Paramount + and Sharki B — aka Cardi B — is coming along for the ride. Naturally, Cardi will reprise her Baby Shark’s Big Show! character along with her husband Offshark (Offset), and daughter Kulture Shark (Kulture). And hey, since they’ve got a new aquatically-named rugrat running around, it looks like Wave is also included in the cast list.

Cardi excitedly shared the news on Twitter, writing, “Happy to announce that me & my family will be in the BABY SHARKS BIG MOVIE!!!!!” Included in the casting announcement are other stars like Ashley Tisdale, Lance Bass (whose name is already the perfect fish pun), K-pop band Enhypen, Saturday Night Live regulars Ego Nwodim and Chloe Fineman, and comedian Aparna Nancherla.

Cardi, Offset, and Kulture first guest-starred on Baby Shark’s Big Show! last spring, when they appeared as animated, brightly-colored versions of themselves to perform a new song by Cardi, “The Seaweed Sway.” The titular protagnist danced with Sharki B and her family during a concert in the episode, showing off the accompanying dance. Fun fact: In Korea, where Baby Shark originates, Sharki B is played by K-pop star CL.

According to People:

The movie will follow Baby Shark and his family as they move to Chomp City, the big city of sharks. Not only will Baby Shark be forced to adjust to life without his best friend William nearby, but he’ll also encounter an evil pop starfish who plans to steal his gift of song in order to dominate all underwater music. Baby Shark has to embark on a mission to break her spell to restore harmony to the seas.

Baby Shark’s Big Movie is set for release during the holiday season.