Cardi B Invents A New Dance, ‘The Seaweed Sway,’ In Her Guest-Starring Role On ‘Baby Shark’s Big Show’

Cardi B once said that she won’t let her daughter sing one of her biggest hits, but now, thanks to Nickelodeon, at least one of her songs will be acceptable for Kulture’s little ears. This Friday at noon, Cardi will be guest-starring on the kids’ series Baby Shark’s Big Show! as a toothy, finned, bright-pink version of herself named Sharki B. She’ll be joined by fishy animated versions of her husband Offset and her daughter Kulture to perform a new song called “The Seaweed Sway.” Today, Billboard premiered a clip of the song, in which Sharki B shows off its accompanying “viral” dance alongside the show’s title character.

To be honest, the song ain’t half bad, and considering the origins and ubiquity of the Baby Shark theme song, I’m sure there will be plenty of parents breathing a sigh of relief at getting a break from the hypnotic tune that kids can’t seem to get enough of. On the other hand, I’m equally sure there’ll be a ton of pearl-clutching from the sorts of people who act like Cardi b’s music will be the end of Western civilization, despite the song being about as kid-friendly as it gets. But the video’s cute (look at Offshark!), the song’s catchy, and kids kind of already love Cardi B — at least this is one song of hers parents won’t mind them singing along to.

Watch Cardi’s — ahem, Sharki B’s — new video for “The Seaweed Sway” above.