Indie Songwriter Cass McCombs Delivers A Warm Tribute To Singer Juan Gabriel On ‘Estrella’

Some things change, but Cass McCombs is forever. Well, not really, but it sure feels like it. Over the last 16 years, the songwriting genius has recorded in Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now Brooklyn (just to name a few), keeping things fresh while he plugged away, quietly releasing beloved and acclaimed albums to modest fanfare. It’s never been the kind of music that was written for broad audiences, but rather, the kind of songs that those in the know would cherish; a treasure trove of material to be discovered when the listener is ready.

On February 8, Anti- Records will offer up McCombs 9th career full-length, Tip Of The Sphere, which has already produced the single “Sleeping Volcanos.” Today he debuts a second single, “Estrella,” a warm and gentle tribute to Latino artist Juan Gabriel. Over the course of just a few minutes, McCombs showcases not just his apt ability at weaving a narrative, but also the power of packing melodic surprises within his tunes. It might be a chord, or a way of singing a line, but you know it when you hear it. McCombs ultimately demands patience to enjoy his music, but he’s sure to reward the attention.

In addition to the new song, McCombs also shared a Take-Away Show recorded with La Blogoteque in Utrecht earlier this year. Watch those videos below, and check out “Estrella” above.