DaBaby’s Security Reportedly Beat A Boston Rapper Into A Life-Threatening Coma

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Charlotte rapper DaBaby is just beginning his breakout into mainstream stardom, but it seems he could already be in some legal trouble, as a recent performance in Boston turned into a violent confrontation for the 27-year-old and his security, leaving a local rapper in a serious coma. The rapper, Don Trag’s mother told Boston’s CBS affiliate that he was only trying to get a picture with the emerging star before he hit the stage at Centro Nightclub, but was thrown into a headlock and punched repeatedly in the head by DaBaby’s security guards.

Don Trag was treated at Lawrence General Hospital and signed himself out, but collapsed at his mother’s home and was taken to another Boston-area hospital. “Every time he stands, he falls down, so they’re doing CTs and cat scans,” said his mother, Nerlande Saladin. Police are investigating, but according to TMZ, witnesses are refusing to give statements, complicating the investigation.

Saladin told news sources that DaBaby’s team “could’ve killed him” when they started swinging “because they hit him in the head a lot. His eye is all bloodied… It’s just so sad to see my son like that.” She says she’s contemplating hiring a lawyer but is focused more on Trag’s recovery at the moment. Police have not charged DaBaby or his team with a crime.