No, DatPiff Didn’t Shut Down, Despite What Online Rumors Suggested

Hip-hop fans were dismayed to learn that long-running mixtape streaming site DatPiff — whose existence even predates that of more mainstream DSPs like Spotify — had shut down yesterday, leading to a period of mourning on social media for one of the pillars of the modern-day internet.

That is until DatPiff’s Twitter account popped up with a message reassuring users that the service was still alive and well. “Despite the rumors, we are happy to report that we will still be supplying you with all the mixtapes you love,” it read. “We’re working through technical issues on our site and app, but still actively update our youtube! Thanks for all the love and concerns but we promise, we are still here.”

So, what gives?

Well, you know how I’m constantly harping at you all about making sure you get your news from trustworthy sources? Yeah. is not a trustworthy source. Apparently, a subscriber of the subreddit r/hiphop101 interpreted some of these technical glitches as a sign that the company had completely folded. That post was then shared widely among hip-hop heads on social media — there’s an Instagram screenshot of the Reddit screenshot in the tweet below, courtesy of Complex — and it seems everyone pretty much ran with this story without confirming it via any legit news publications or first-person accounts.

DatPiff, which hosts mixtapes from both megastars and up-and-coming artists, holds a unique place in hip-hop history. Because it was easier to upload a new tape to the site directly than going through Apple Music (formerly iTunes, the only real name in the streaming game at the time), many artists got their start by sharing DatPiff links with their fans in the early days of social media. That includes names like ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, among others (I wrote about some of them here). The entire blog rap era basically ran on DatPiff (and illegal file-sharing sites like ZippyShare and MegaUploads), and fans were quick to acknowledge its importance while (mistakenly) eulogizing the site.

Of course, with the reveal that the site wasn’t shutting down (yet), it seems that those flowers, while warranted, were premature. If the site can itself back up and running, now might be a good time to download all your favorite tapes for posterity — just in case. If not, well, there’s always LiveMixtapes.