Day Sulan Is Dropping Gems On How To Play A Man For Uproxx

4Hunnid Records’ first lady isn’t here for the romantic games played in today’s dating field. The “Bailar” rapper refuses to let her love be mishandled. In her single, “Teach U How To Play,” she holds nothing back as she lets potential prospects know that if they think they have one up on her, they are sadly mistaken.

Sulan stopped by our studios to share her top five gems when it comes to modern dating for those playing the field. With these tips, the musician is gifting hopeless romantics with a step-by-step guide on winning at love.

Some of the most intriguing tips included being emotionless. While every great R&B song has chronicled just how phenomenal being emotionally loved on can be, for Sulan, those feelings cloud your judgment when in the wrong relationship. During her appearance, Sulan says, “The first way to play somebody or just to stay on top of your sh*t is to keep your emotions out of it.”

Outside of Dropping Gems, catch Day Sulan and her player rule book on full display in her recent UPROXX Sessions performance of “Teach U How To Play.”

You can watch Day Sulan’s Dropping Gems video for Uproxx Music above.