DDG Trolls Twitter With Fake Halle Bailey Pregnancy Announcement On April Fool’s Day

DDG may have admitted that he is indeed “way too petty” on his latest single, but fans of his girlfriend, singer and actress Halle Bailey, are adding that he also jokes way too much. For the large part, most musicians held back from participating in any over-the-top April Fool’s Day pranks. But apparently Usher and DDG didn’t get the memo.

While Usher’s was a short-lived professional prank that he would be joined on stage on April 1 by his former collaborator Beyoncé within seconds, he revealed that it wasn’t going to happen. On the other hand, DDG’s prank took things a bit further.

In a tweet posted at 9:53 am, the rapper uploaded a picture of an ultrasound with the caption “can’t wait to be your dad 😭😭❤️.” Although he didn’t explicitly state who the expecting mother was, fans assumed that the mommy-to-be was The Little Mermaid actress, sending social media into a spiral.

Fans quickly headed over to Bailey’s social media profiles to see if they had missed anything. But her last post was of herself in a bikini with her mid-drift exposed on vacation, celebrating her birthday on March 27.

Later, just before 2 pm, the rapper returned to Twitter to confirm that it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. DDG is known for trolling and even pulling pranks on fans. In fact, there’s a long-running conspiracy theory prank that the rapper continues to do, known as the “real DDG voice.”

Even DDG’s family isn’t shielded from his trolling, as shown across his YouTube page.

So, no, Halle Bailey is not pregnant.