Delicate Steve Makes Worldess Music So Catchy You’ll Sing Along To His Instrumental Album ‘This Is Steve’

Editorial Director, Music
01.27.17 2 Comments

Guy Eppel

Steve Marion isn’t delicate. Wiry, would be a better word maybe, but the name fits once you’ve heard the overwhelming tenderness and wide-eyed joy that comes through in the music Marion makes under the name Delicate Steve. Today, Marion is releasing his third full-length album, entitled properly and earnestly, This Is Steve, and though it’s not his debut, it is his first release for Anti Records, a step up in scale at least, from his earlier records on David Byrne’s world-music-centric Luaka Bop label. Though he’s a Jersey native, Marion has incorporated African rhythms into his instrumental compositions, which are tempered with along with kind of the fuzzed-out, twisted melodies invoked by bands like Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof, who he cites as inspirations.

Today Uproxx is premiering the video for a “Tomorrow,” a song that comes right about halfway through This Is Steve. Though it’s completely instrumental — like the rest of his oeuvre so far — “Tomorrow” sticks in your head with a melody so catchy it truly sounds like a guitar in love singing directly to you, flirting with the object of its affections. Yes, I’m pretending a guitar has a crush on me — because that’s what it sounds like. Speaking on the clip, Steve had this to say: “Tomorrow is the future. It represents dreams and ambitions and unrealized potential and procrastination and distraction. We are all going to get there some day. And then, what?”

In the clip, an enterprising young man rides a segway all over the US, starting in San Francisco and traveling through Las Vegas and gorgeous landscape of Nevada, periodically stopping to eat ice cream cones, until he finally rides off into the horizon over the sea, floating above the waves. This isn’t the end though, the video promises his story will be continued, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Watch it below.

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