Disclosure Just Dropped A Surprise EP Called ‘Moog For Love’

Finally, a glimmer of hope from the brotherly deep-house duo Disclosure. After lighting up the blogosphere with their debut album Settle, their follow-up Caracal left some listeners wanting. But thankfully, it seems that their new surprise EP, Moog for Love, will give you a reason to believe the group is back to old form again.

The three-track EP features a crowd-pleaser in “BOSS,” which the duo has been playing recently in festival sets, as well as a fun Eats Everything collaboration that gives the EP its name, but that’s not the best reason to check out the release. That comes in the middle of the EP with their Al Green collaboration “Feel Like I Do.” The track is a refreshing step away from the path that the duo has been on (namely, trying over and over to recreate another single like “Latch”).

Green actually gifted Disclosure the original vocal stems of one of his songs after he heard himself sampled in another Disclosure track. And if The Reverend himself signed off on it, you know it has to be good.

Check out that track up top and the entire EP below. Here’s hoping Disclosure continues down this smooth path a bit more in the future.