Disclosure And Sam Smith Teamed Up Again For Their ‘Omen’ Music Video

Disclosure and Sam Smith’s song “Latch” has spent years defying the typical pop music cycle. It rose to prominence slowly (in the United States, anyway) and can still be heard on Top 40 stations throughout the world, a full three years after its release.

No one is predicting that for Disclosure and Smith’s follow-up collaboration “Omen,” but it does explain why the British dance music duo went back to the “Stay with Me” crooner.

“Omen” is nowhere near as huge-sounding as “Latch,” opting for a slinky, mellow sound instead. And the hook doesn’t have the same stickiness on first listen, but we should never write off how much people seem to love Sam Smith.

As for the video, it continues the story started in “Holding On,” focusing on life in a dystopian cityscape in the near future. The nightclub setting of “Omen” makes it far less dramatic than its predecessor.

“Omen” is from Disclosure’s Settle sequel Caracal, which drops on September 25 from Island.

(via Stereogum)