DMX Reminisces About The Early Days Of His Career In His Final Interview

Before his passing, DMX seemed happy to make time for interviews with various outlets, as it usually gave him an outlet to speak on the issues that weighed on his mind or reminisce about the good old days coming up in New York City (or Yonkers, as the case may be). It also provided plenty of meme-able moments and hilarious quotes, such as the time he shared his opinion on Drake, or that time he was flummoxed to learn a Black man named “Barack” was running for president, or that time he wound up singing “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” delighting fans on the internet for the next half-decade to come.

And although he’s gone now, we’ve still got at least one last interview to look forward to, as TV One managed to get ahold of him in the midst of his comeback campaign for DMX Uncensored, a docu-series filmed just three weeks before his untimely demise that looks at his rise, fall, and bid for redemption in his own words. While the interview itself is scheduled to air May 16 at 8 pm ET on TVOne, a quick teaser was shared on the network’s Twitter account to promote the event.

Meanwhile, you can check out DMX’s People’s Party interview with Talib Kweli right here on Uproxx.