Doja Cat Flashed Her Breasts At Her Birthday Party, Making Good On A 2-Year Old Promise To Fans

Two years ago, Doja Cat vowed to “show my boobs so hard” if her song “Say So” went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. At the time, she admitted that she was trolling after it did, which some of those fans didn’t take so well. Let’s just say that the whole “racial chat rooms showing feet” thing definitely seemed motivated by spite.

But during her masquerade-themed 27th birthday party in LA last night, she apparently had so much fun that she partied herself right out of her clothes. She even jumped in some photo booth pictures with her breasts exposed with Dreezy, Hailey Baldwin, and others. Unsurprisingly, someone took a flick of the printed photos and they began circulating online.

Unfazed, Doja herself commented on the photos, writing, “IF ANYBODY GOT NUDES OF ME FROM LAST NIGHT PLEASE SEND CUZ I WANNA POST EM.” It didn’t take very long for fans to fulfill her request. While it doesn’t look like she wound up reposting them, she’s social media savvy enough to know that anyone who really wanted to see them would. She even joked that her fans were too prudish to share them.

Of course, we can’t post them here, but you probably don’t need the help. Happy birthday to Doja Cat — maybe now fans can stop pestering her to always “look f*ckable.”