Donald Glover Discusses The Possibility Of New Childish Gambino Music On ‘Kimmel’

Donald Glover has kept busy with Atlanta and various other acting endeavors in recent years, and all the while, Childish Gambino fans have been wanting more new music. Glover’s latest album was 2020’s 3.15.20 and now he tells Jimmy Kimmel he’s been working on new music since then.

Towards the end of the conversation, Kimmel asked Glover if he was working on a new Childish Gambino album. After pausing for applause, Glover replied, “Uh, no,” before quickly indicating he was joking. He continued, “I’m making a lot of music. I really love doing it. I’ve made a bunch of it. It’s just really about how to experience it at this point.”

Glover didn’t specifically say he was making music to be released under the Childish Gambino name, which is noteworthy given his recent history: He suggested on multiple occasions he would be retiring the moniker but has since indicated he may not be finished with Childish Gambino after all.

Meanwhile, he also noted that his process of making music has changed since becoming a father, saying:

“It used to just flow, but now I have kids. Nothing flows anymore. […] Nothing’s as easy as it used to be. So I do block off time now because I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to be here for them at this time, and I want to make sure I see his game, and I want to make…’ So that takes a lot of scheduling. But I have this kind of farm, I call it, where it’s like an art farm, where I just like… when I go there, then I get to be as ADD as I want.”

Watch the full interview above.