Malia Obama (Yes, That Malia Obama) Is Writing For Donald Glover’s New Show About A ‘Beyoncé-Type Figure’

During the never-ending break between seasons two and three of Atlanta (which is finally back, and good as ever), Donald Glover signed an eight-figure development deal with Amazon. “The pact is believed to include a content channel of sorts that will spotlight Glover’s work and other curated content on Amazon’s Prime Video hub,” the Hollywood Reporter wrote. Nothing has made it to streaming yet, but announced projects included a Mr. and Mrs. Smith series with Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (at least until she dropped out) in the lead roles, and another series, potentially called Hive, about a “Beyoncé-like figure.” One of the show’s other writers: Malia Obama.

“She’s just like, an amazingly talented person,” Glover told Vanity Fair about collaborating with the eldest daughter of former-president Barack and first lady Michelle Obama. She previously interned on HBO’s Girls and worked as a production assistant on the Halle Berry-starring CBS series Extant. Glover added, “She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard. I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon. Her writing style is great.”

When asked how he might shoot down one of Obama’s pitches — knowing that she could tell her parents — [Donald’s brother and Atlanta writer] Stephen joked, “Well, you know, we just hurt her feelings. We can’t be easy on her just because she’s the [former] president’s daughter.” He added, “Nah, she’s very down to earth, and cool. So, it’s not a problem at all. She has a lot of good ideas. She’s great. She’s just a regular person like everybody else.”

It must be tough being the younger sister (tfw you’re the younger sister and also your dad was the freaking president), but Sasha Obama will get the last laugh when she starts writing for Succession.

(Via Vanity Fair)