Drakeo The Ruler’s Family Details The $20 Million Lawsuit They’re Filing Against Live Nation

After the tragic stabbing of Drakeo The Ruler at the Once Upon A Time In LA festival in December, the young rapper died from the injuries he sustained at the event. Directly after her son, born Darrell Caldwell, was murdered, his mother, Darrylene Corniel, said she planned to sue the event over this wrongful death, and now a suit is being brought by Tianna Purtue on behalf of Caiden Caldwell, Drakeo the Ruler’s son.

Today, Billboard reports that the family lawyers have outlined some of their legal action against Live Nation, C3 Presents, and Bobby Dee Presents. Attorneys said a lack of precautions to protect the rising young artist led to a situation where he was “essentially lynched,” and said the family will be seeking up to $20 million in damages. “His life was taken way too soon,” Bryant continued. “This should never have never happened if those promoters had actually had the proper security protocols. This was a preventable death,” lawyers added, citing the fact that Drakeo was assigned “no security” and noting the barricades at the event were completely insufficient. Those who failed Drakeo the Ruler, they’re going to be held accountable,” the statement concluded.

Drakeo was stabbed during a skirmish backstage, much of which was captured on video, and the lawyer’s displayed this footage during their press conference. Billboard reached out for comment from the promoters involved but so far they have yet to respond.