EST Gee Revealed He’s Losing His Vision In One Of His Eyes

In 2019, rapper EST Gee was shot in the eye after filming a video with Sada Baby. He took a bullet in his left eye and was shot in the stomach four times. Since then, he has signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group and released his debut album, I Never Felt Nun. Though, he seems to have been dealing with the aftermath of the shooting for years.

EST Gee took to his Instagram story yesterday (November 25) to share an update with fans. He revealed that he is losing vision in one of his eyes.

In a video, he showed his eye, which appeared to have a cataract, to the camera.

“See that cataract growing over my eye,” he said, “sh*t getting worse. It’s harder to see. It’s getting bigger.” He shared that he had planned to get surgery on his eyes a few years ago, but wasn’t able to due to the pandemic.

The video was captioned with text reading, “How can I stop this grey part from spreading I use to could see a lil bit but its getting worse I’m starting to see less.”

It is unclear whether EST Gee’s vision loss is directly related to the 2019 shooting.

You can see EST Gee’s video above.