Flatbush Zombies’ Hard-Hitting ‘Iamlegend’ Previews Their Forthcoming EP ‘Now, More Than Ever’

Last week, Flatbush Zombies returned to social media with a photo implying an impending release. “What’s happening exactly ?” teased Meechy Darko, one part of the Brooklyn hip-hop trio. On Thursday, Flatbush Zombies revealed what the hype was all about. The group announced a forthcoming EP and previewed the project with “Iamlegend.”

“Iamlegend” offers a glimpse into Flatbush Zombies’ first project since their 2018 record Vacation In Hell. Slated for early June, Flatbush Zombies plan a return with a six-track EP titled Now, More Than Ever. On the lead single, a rolling beat provides a fitting backdrop for rappers Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliott to deliver their fiery flow.

The group’s accompanying “Iamlegend” visual is a disorienting compilation of many snapshots of life. Directed by PTA HAITI 3000, the video was filmed over the span of two months in three separate cities where Flatbush Zombies’ members were individually quarantined.

In a previous interview with Uproxx following their 2018 release, Flatbush Zombies’ Erick Arc Elliot offered is means of escaping reality, which also stands as a glimpse into the rapper’s life in quarantine: “I read a lot, I draw, I play video games,” he said. “I create stuff all the time, I feel guilty when I don’t. That’s probably my own doing, but it’s just the way that I am. At this point I think I can’t help it, so once I stop making music — which is never — I find other ways to get my mind off of thinking about the pressures of how people are going to feel about it when it comes out.”

Listen to “Iamlegend” above and find Flatbush Zombies’ Now, More Than Ever tracklist below.

1. “Herb”
2. “Iamlegend”
3. “Quicksand”
4. “Dirty Elevator Music”
5. “Blessings”
6. “When I’m Gone” Feat. Sophie Faith

Now, More Than Ever is out 6/5 via Glorious Dead. Pre-order it here.