Flatbush Zombies Are Out To Establish A ‘New World Order’ With Their Post-Apocalyptic Trap

Flatbush Zombies are having one hell of a year. The Brooklyn doom-rap trio released their second studio album, Vacation In Hell to stellar reviews, they’ve taken over the world during their globe-spanning tours, and they absolutely shut down their performance at Coachella, spawning a whole movement of new fans who have just gotten hip to their apocalyptic New York trap sound. Now, they’ve delivered a gift to those fans, new and old, with the official release of a song they’ve been performing at their shows since earlier this year, “New World Order.”

If Mad Max lived in a bombed-out, post-Apocalyptic New York instead of Australia, it’s a guarantee that this song would be in his tricked-out Charger’s audio system as he raced through the wasteland. It sounds like a building collapsing, but on-beat. Juice, Erick, and Meechy rip the beat to shreds with paranoid lyrics that really deserve a posterboard and a ball of string while trashing fake gangbanging rappers and bragging about their lyrical supremacy.

It’s a strong way to close the year — or to kick off their next phase. The gang also has an upcoming show/battle with Denzel Curry in Miami on November 16 sponsored by Red Bull. Further details can be found in the tweet below.