GloRilla Had Some Words For A Fan Who Threw A Coat At Her On Stage: ‘She Done F*cked It Up’

It looks like GloRilla is having to deal with trolls both on the internet and in real life. This Tuesday (February 14), the rapper was performing at a show in Denver, when a fan through a coat on stage. The coat then hit the “FNF” hitmaker in the face, and she was not happy.

In a video captured by fans, Glo is seen on stage, saying “Who the f*ck threw that?”

It appears the coat-thrower soon identified herself. Glo continued, saying, “Who threw it, you with these red braids? Look lil girl, don’t throw sh*t else at me. Don’t throw nun else at me, that hit me in my face.”

As one of hip-hop’s buzziest acts, Glo had lots of surprises in store for her Denver show, including jumping into the crowd and crowdsurfing. However, she opted not to do so, as a result of being hit in the face with a coat.

“She done f*cked it up,” Glo said of the coat-thrower.

Though, it doesn’t seem like being hit with a coat ruined Glo’s night on the Denver stop of her Anyways, Life’s Great tour. Shortly after the show, she shared a clip from the concert on Instagram, saying that the fans in Denver were “lit af.”

You can check out both clips above.