GloRilla Gives The Middle Finger To ‘Internet Trolls’ On Her Empowering New Anthem

GloRilla is back with her empowering brand new song, “Internet Trolls,” which serves as a pushback anthem against exactly that: the online haters.

“You could be who you wanna be, live how you wanna live / Stunt how you wanna stunt, give what you ‘posed to give / Say what you wanna say, feel how you wanna feel,” Glo notes in the first verse. “Sometimes, I think they be forgettin’ the internet a fairytale / Teach that n**** for the people, but in person, he a b*tch / They be gangster on the booth, but in them papers be a snitch.”

As for the music video, it finds GloRilla tracking down her e-haters and teaching them a lesson — without any major spoilers here.

Long story short: nothing online matters. Log off. Have some real fun with your besties. And ignore anyone who has a problem with it.

She had previously teased the heavy-hitting track in a video clip from Triller, where she dances around a room and shows off her decked-out rings.

“Love the positive message Queen!” one fan wrote under Glo’s teaser.

Meanwhile, others were dying over one of the lines, “She be mommy of the year but never have them kids.”

Check out GloRilla’s latest “Internet Trolls” above. Continue scrolling for some additional fan reactions to the song.

Check out the video for “Internet Trolls” above.