An Ice Spice Fan Declared Their Love For The Rapper Through A Billboard Inviting Her To His Graduation Party

A dedicated Ice Spice fan, aptly already named Lil Munchy Baby, rose the stakes by taking out a whole billboard to invite the “Princess Diana” rapper to his graduation party.

“Dear Ice Spice, I’m feelin’ u, love Munchy,” the sign reads. “You’re invited to my graduation on May 5th. Please DM.” After already providing his Instagram handle on the billboard, he also posted a picture of the open invite.

Oh, and it also includes a photo of Munchy posing in his graduation cap, holding a ton of cash, and sitting on a throne. This photoshoot further proves just how extravagant he’s willing to get and go for Ice’s grad party acceptance.

“Court ordered to go to school is crazy but I did it and kept my head up high I graduated and actually got a degree finna walk the stage and I need bae there tag @icespice for me,” he captioned. “just embracing my inner munch.”

In another Instagram post, it seems Munchy graduated within the past year from Atlanta Metropolitan State College with a Mass Communications degree.

Fans in the replies are already trying to get Ice Spice to take notice by tagging her in the comments. “@icespice come watch my little bro walk the stage !” one added. Others are simply offering kind words to the grad.

Check out the billboard for Ice Spice above.