J. Cole Keeps His Promise And Attends His Fan’s College Graduation After Meeting Nearly A Decade Ago

J. Cole has added yet another bullet point to his “man of the people” resume. This past Wednesday the rapper was spotted at Rowan University in New Jersey, supporting his longtime fan Cierra Bosarge as she graduated from college. Naturally, several other graduates and attendees posted him all over social media.

Cole and Bosarge’s story dates back to 2013 when she called into a radio station requesting he wish her a happy birthday. He gave her a call months later and invited her to meet him in person, upon which she gave him a letter she wrote him detailing the hardships in her life, having two parents who were hooked on drugs and in and out of prison. Due to them being unable to attend her high school graduation, she asked the rapper if he would, to which Cole agreed only if she attended a four-year college. Cierra kept her promise and The Off-Season rapper kept his.

Even Ibrahim Hamad, Cole’s manager and a Dreamville co-founder, had to join in on the celebration, quote-tweeting her with his own congratulatory message. Cole has long spoken about the importance of education, as he attended St. Johns University in New York himself before taking off as an artist. Though going further into academia wasn’t his destined path, he continues to emphasize it to the world.