Jake Paul Confronted The ‘Drake Curse’ Possibly Causing His Tommy Fury Loss: ‘F*ck, This Is Drake’s Fault!’

This weekend, Jake Paul was in Saudi Arabia for his boxing match against Tommy Fury, a fight that Paul ended up losing in a split decision. However, there might be an asterisk on Paul’s first professional boxing L: Drake bet $400K on Paul to win, and as we know, the “Drake Curse” (the apparent tendency for teams and athletes to lose after Drake publicly supports them) is real. After the fight, Paul himself addressed this.

In a post-fight press conference, a reporter mentioned Drake’s bet and ask if Paul thinks the “curse” impacted him. He laughed and said, “F*ck, This is Drake’s fault! Drake, bro! Why you do this to me?!”

He continued, “Nah, it’s my fault, but $400,000 is nothing to him, so… he’s won a lot of money betting on me before, so he’s probably about even now. Sorry, Drake. I’ma get that W in the rematch.”

Drake’s $400K bet was for Paul to win the fight by knockout. As TMZ notes, had that happened, Drake would have found himself about $1.4 million richer. Apparently, though, that wasn’t part of God’s plan. Drake performed better with his Super Bowl gambling, though, taking home $1.4 million after placing around $1 million in bets.