Drake’s ‘Psychotic’ And ‘Illogical’ Super Bowl LVII Bet Actually Paid Off In The Sum Of $1.4 Million

Apparently, the ‘Drake curse’ only works on people not named Drake. If there’s one thing the “Rich Flex” rapper loves more than his music, sports would be a close second. Whether he is filming a hilarious to congratulate his longtime friend LeBron James for breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record or being clowned on for his skills by his hometown’s star player — nowadays, sports and Drake go hand in hand.

From time to time, his love for sports significantly pays off. After placing nearly $1 million in bets on Super Bowl LVII, he has earned big. Before the game, the performer to Instagram to share screen grabs of his bets with the caption, “My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake. Pls, do not analyze the logic behind these bets. There is none.”


Thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory, the Toronto native is cashing in over $1 million in earnings. Placing a $700,000 bet on the Chiefs to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles resulted in an estimated payout of $1.4 million. However, his bet that Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster to score the first touchdown didn’t happen. The other losing Super Bowl LVII bets from Drake included the Chiefs would win each half, predicting the Chiefs would win each quarter, and for Travis Kelce and a tight end to win the Super Bowl MVP.

Drake could’ve taken home over $4.5 million, but his estimated winning total is just under $1.5 million for selecting the correct victors.