A Complete History Of The ‘Drake Curse’ And Its Victims

06.10.19 2 months ago

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The “Drake Curse” is the uncanny, cosmic-seeming phenomenon you may have heard about in which Canadian rapper and pop culture omnipresence Drake roots for a professional sporting entity (team and/or individual) and they, regardless of circumstance, inevitably lose. I am no scientist. I am merely a humble journalist working to document truths. And the truth is: If you have any interest in winning the thing, you should keep Aubrey Drake Graham as far away from your team/athlete/life as humanly possible.

Ahead of Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors’ pivotal Game 5 showdown with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every time the “Drake Curse” has struck.

Serena Williams

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To find the curse’s origin, we must trip all the way back to 2015. That year one of the greatest professional athletes of all time, Serena Williams, was having one of the greatest professional athletic years of all time. The 34-year-old was en route to winning all four of the year’s Grand Slam tournaments, a feat that only two women in history had ever accomplished before her. In January, she handily defeated rival Maria Sharapova in the final of the Australian Open. In June, she ran through the competition at the French Open. By the time Williams raised the trophy at Wimbledon in July, after only dropping two sets the entire tournament, her victory at the US Open at the end of the summer was all but a foregone conclusion.


The tennis star was first spotted canoodling with the Canadian rapper that summer. Heading into the US Open rumors of the pair being an item were swirling. As he is want to do, Drake very much leaned into those rumors (see above tweet). Naturally, Drake was in attendance at the US Open for Williams’s semi-final match against 300-1 underdog Roberta Vinci. Improbably, Williams lost that much. Thus, ending her historic Grand Slam streak and birthing the Drake curse.

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