Watch Jeff Tweedy Debut ‘Let’s Go Rain’ And Talk About Wilco’s ‘Star Wars’ Album On ‘Colbert’

While Wilco is on hiatus, Jeff Tweedy has a lot going on right now. His memoir, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), is out today, and he’s starting a brief book tour in support of it today as well. He also has a solo album, Warm, dropping at the end of the month. To promote both, he stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, and he debuted a new Warm track, performing “Let’s Go Rain,” a jaunty, upbeat alt-country track that’s classic Tweedy.

Before the performance, Tweedy sat down for an interview with Colbert, during which he called the song “a joyous plea for the sweet relief of death.” The two also talked about Tweedy’s past, and discussed the story behind Wilco’s Star Wars album. Tweedy explained the rationale behind the album name, saying, “We wanted to call the album Cease And Desist, and we were trying to get George Lucas to sue us so that we could re-release the album as Cease And Desist. And it just didn’t happen. He didn’t bite.”

Colbert also showed two alternate artworks for the album cover: One that was the same as the actual one but with the Cease And Desist title, and another featuring Ronald McDonald and the McDonald’s logo, about which Tweedy said, “We were just trying to picture the most litigious album cover you could come up with.”

Watch Tweedy perform “Let’s Go Rain” and chat with Colbert above.

Warm is out 11/30 via dBpm Records. Pre-order it here.