Jimmy Fallon Did A Thanksgiving Parade Cover Of Prince And Reactions Weren’t Particularly Kind

Jimmy Fallon is a documented Prince megafan and he even has a ping pong story to prove it. Fallon’s love of the Minnesotan music legend wasn’t enough to turn a traveling Tonight Show cover into something folks wanted in their Thanksgiving plans. To be fair, maybe should have done something off Parade.

A sponsored Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float featuring Fallon and The Roots popped up during NBC’s broadcast and featured a very parade-y rendition of the immortal 1984 Purple Rain cut complete with an assortment of folks doing air guitar. It wasn’t exactly an instant classic, but it did fit the description of late night host and his talented band perform an abbreviated version of a pop hit as part of the thing you watch while held hostage by family or a walk-in clinic waiting room.

So what did folks think of Fallon’s unapologetically cheesy frontmanning of the tune? Reactions poured in on Twitter (as is the parade verdict preferred by God and country) and responses were somewhat mixed. The Roots emerged pretty much unscathed, but the Tonight Show host? Not so much. To some viewers, Fallon doing Prince was akin to sacrilege. He had his champions too, though.

Jimmy Fallon was pretty happy with how the whole thing panned out.