John Mulaney Shares The Hilarious Story Of The Time Pete Davidson Was Very Confused About Steely Dan

Pete Davidson has some obvious connections to the music world: Aside from his previous relationship with Ariana Grande, he also meets a bunch of music stars on a weekly basis when they swing by to perform on Saturday Night Live (let’s not forget this hilarious sketch with him, Kyle Mooney, and Kid Cudi). That said, there are at least a few things that he doesn’t know about music. For example, as John Mulaney tells it, Davidson knew nothing about Steely Dan, the jazzy rock band best known for their ’70s output.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, Mulaney told the story about the time he invited Davidson to participate in his annual tradition of seeing a Steely Dan concert. He said Davidson agreed to check out the show, but didn’t know what he was getting himself into:

“[I] go to the Beacon Theatre and we run into Pete Davidson there, meet him in front, and Pete Davidson says, ‘Who is Steely Dan?’ And I said, ‘It’s a band.’ And he said, ‘It’s not a comedian?’ […] So I said, ‘You don’t know anything about them?’ And he said, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘Do you know anything about pop-jazz-fusion?’ He said, “No,” and I said, ‘Pete, there’s no way I can prepare you for what’s about to happen.'”

Mulaney goes on to speak more about what happened once they got inside, and the whole story is great, so watch Mulaney tell it himself above, starting at about 3:15 into the video.

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