John Mulaney Loves All The Problems With The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the most definite indicators that a band has made their mark on the music community and the world at large, and yet, the induction ceremony isn’t nearly as big a night as the major American award ceremonies. Despite that, though, John Mulaney thinks that the induction ceremony is “the only truly fun awards show.”

That’s what he told Seth Meyers on yesterday’s Late Night before breaking down some of the ceremony’s most glaring issues. He pokes fun at the event’s relative lack of popularity — “It happens every year… or does it? I’m not sure. If it didn’t, no one would notice” — then says that the main problems lie with the inductees.

“They induct about a half-dozen ungrateful bands into an association no one ever asks for in Cleveland,” he says, later continuing, “Think of it like a wedding if every speech was given by the bride’s ex-boyfriend. Every band comes in with some old grievance and all their speeches are just filled with bile from 30 years before.”

He then says that the inductees, who are “dressed like John Varvatos pirates,” are annually so unprepared to take the stage: “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [inductees] know for months that they’re going to be inducted and that they have to give a speech: They blow it every year.”

Watch Mulaney crack wise about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame above.